Dear our value Clients!

With a population of about 100 million people, a young population structure and a high GDP growth rate, Vietnam is indeed a vibrant and promising market for trade and investment.

In the process of world economic integration, due to many economic, historical and cultural factors, the Vietnamese legal system is always in a state of regulation, movement and change. These changes can be positive, beneficial to businesses if we know how to use it, or vice versa. Therefore, enterprises need to absolutely comply to avoid unwanted legal problems that may occur later. However, the understanding, application and enforcement of the law by domestic and foreign enterprises, organizations and individuals are still limited. This is really a big challenge when investing and doing business in the Vietnamese market.

Facing the need for legal assistance of many enterprises, organizations and individuals, TLK Lawfirm was established, with the convergence of a large team of international level lawyers, drawing experience from the past and long-term operation process to provide the system of Clients with legal services in the following areas: Trade promotion – Connecting and cooperating between investors; legal advice on Business, Investment, Trade, Real Estate - Construction, Accounting - Tax, Finance - Banking, Intellectual property, dispute resolution, etc.

TLK's credo is to support and help Clients get the most accurate and up-to-date legal understanding. Our Clients will receive professional advice to properly apply the provisions of the law to their businesses. Besides, optimal legal solutions are what TLK will bring when our Clients have needs.

Coming to TLK Lawfirm, Clients will be provided with legal services of international standards along with satisfaction in the method of providing services at a professional level. In addition, all legal services of TLK Lawfirm are provided on the basis of one of the most competitive fees. In any group of legal services, TLK Lawfirm also proves our pioneering role and providing provide Clients with the best legal service packages. TLK Lawfirm always strives every day to create the most perfect legal products to repay the trust of Clients and maintain our position as one of the leading reputable legal service providers in Vietnam. With TLK Lawfirm, it is our mission and honor to deliver the perfect results required by our Clients.

We hope to have a good cooperation between TLK and you!

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